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Sichuan gourmet Hot Pot, boiling with spicy hot chili, has its origins from the Chinese Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911). It is not only popular among ordinary people, but is also favoured by dignitaries beyond all other cuisines.
Sichuan Hot Pot is a great choice during cold weather as it warms diners up and keeps off the cold. Indeed, it is this unique feature that makes the Hot Pot a Sichuan speciality.
Shancheng Hot Pot King, is one of the most popular dining places in Sydney Chinatown. Shancheng’s meticulous use of quality materials, creative cuisine and reputable services has made Shancheng a popular choice for diners.
The soup is made by combing traditional ingredients with modern techniques. Unlike traditional Hot Pot, Shancheng Hot Pot is prepared to cater for your individual tastes.
As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, “Restaurants and Bars”, “…[diners in Sancheng] huddle over a huge communal bowl of steaming broth, poaching meats, vegetables and noodles may qualify as the perfect way for a group of friends to spend a winter's evening.
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